A World of Colours

Experience your Fresh New Palette

Quite often, the hardest part of any paint job is finding the right colours. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you choose your ideal colour from over 5000 options on display and in our catalogues.

Come and see our library of
canvases in large living colour!

We have hundreds of hand-painted canvases in classic and popular colours for you to browse. We know that choosing a colour from a small swatch of paper can often prove to be a difficult task. So we took the time to select the colours that have been popular with our customers over the years, as well as the colours we think are great but get overlooked. The painted canvases let you experience the colour bigger and better in-store, giving you a better chance of finding the right colour sooner. Use our easels to compare colours side-by-side, add a piece of trim, or coordinate them with your fabrics and tiles.

Sample Paint Pots

These paint testers offer a great way to try ANY colour you want at HOME before you commit. It's just the right amount of paint to see if you have discovered the perfect tone for your space.

Custom Colour Matching

Already have a colour picked out? Let us provide you with a custom colour match.

Colour matching is an art and a science. Computer spectrometers provide a basic breakdown of a hue but are never perfect. They are a useful tool in providing an initial starting point but there is no substitute for experience and ability in the art of fine-tuning a colour. We take great pride in providing quality paint matches with every colour finished 'by eye'. So bring us that old painted fence board, broken off piece of trim or that chunk of drywall the electrician cut out and let us provide you with paint tinted just for you.

Custom interior wood stain matching is also available. All we need is a piece of the stain you want to match and a clean piece of the wood you’ll be staining on. 3 business days later you will have the closest possible match.

Things to remember when choosing colours...

Colour can make a room feel cozy or chic, elegant or energetic. Think about how you will use the space and what you need from your colours. Try to remember what other elements are involved. For example, what colour is the floor? What kind of furniture, fabrics and art will be in the room? Is the room well lit? Bring a photo of your room, a pillow, a flooring sample - we can help you coordinate colours for your space.

With exterior colours, try choosing slightly darker tones than what you think you want, as the colours will look lighter and cleaner in the daylight. And don't forget to take a look at the samples outside before making a final decision!