What's Inside the Can?


In the past you had to put shiny paint in your kitchen and bathroom so it would put up with the abuse and moisture plaguing those areas. Now you have options such as a Kitchen & Bathroom Eggshell which gives you that same durability with a modern appearance. For a rich look that hides imperfections on walls, there are even 100% acrylic washable flats for living spaces and bedrooms.

Colour Quality

Using a high quality, top line product ensures the colour you want is the colour you get in its entire splendor. The colour will be more precise, wash without fading and keep its brilliance for years to come.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds containing one or more carbon atoms that evaporate readily into the atmosphere. At Paint Depot we have 3 paint lines that boast ZERO V.O.C's. Great for kids rooms, people with allergies, or anyone who just wants to eliminate unwanted toxins in their home.


Primers are like glue or 2 sided tape: they stick to the wall and allow the paint to stick to it. Primers come in many different forms depending what you are priming on and what is going over the primer. In some cases, better quality, 100% acrylic paints and newer "Hybrid technology" paints also have super sticking power. We'll always tell you when you need a primer and when you don't.

Splatter resistance

Quality paints adhere to the roller better so more of the good stuff ends up on the wall and off your floors and hair!

Self leveling

Quality paints, with the help of a good brush, tend to smooth themselves out while drying to ensure you get the smoothest most aesthetically pleasing outcome.